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Klek is a small, quiet, family resort located in the South of Dalmatia. In Klek you can find 2 shops, infirmary and mail within a radius of about 100 yards and closer. In the vicinity there are several restaurants and cafes, and beside the House's pastry shop. Also beside the House extends a big Pebble Beach with Palm trees, where there is a possibility to rent a pedal boat and beach umbrellas. As guests you will have the opportunity to go by boat on a one-day trip to the nearby islands and places, such as for example. to Ston. As guests of the "Alfijo" of the apartment you have the chance to go fishing and get a fish dinner free of charge. Near the village of Klek you can visit one of the following places: STON, renowned for walls and Solana. Ston walls are the defensive wall and one of the largest medieval fortification of the planning of the venture in a total length of 5.5 kilometers, the walls are reinforced with 40-odd Tower and the five fortresses. Connects to Ston and Mali Ston. As far as the Ston Saltworks, is one of three salt pans in the Republic of Croatia, the oldest in Europe and possibly in the world. Dates from the 14. century and today is in operation. It was created after the 1333 the Republic of Dubrovnik. year bought Ston and 1360. year opasala it a defensive wall. Ston has become an ideal location for salt, which is the Republic of bringing a maximum of 15 900 ducats a year. There was a lot of provision which exactly govern the production and trade of salt in the area of the Republic. It is the biggest earnings achieved in the 1611. of the year. Solana is divided into pools, each of which is named after the Munda except a Christian Saint. Solnin appearance and manner of doad changed. 2007. in Ston in 9 crystallizing basins obere 530 tons of salt to 59 by the pool. Makarska is a coastal town in the split-Dalmatia County of Croatia, located at the foot of the mountain Biokovo. The center of the Makarska Riviera, micro-region which stretches from Brela in the West to Gradac in the East. Makarska with the urban village great Hill counts 13716 inhabitants. Historically significant as the seat of the former Makarska Makarska diocese, and today's Catholic Archdiocese of split-makarska Makarska carries the name in itself. Dubrovnik is a city in the South of the Republic of Croatia, the administrative center of Dubrovnik-Neretva County and one of the most important Croatian tourist destinations. According to the 2001 census. year Dubrovnik had 43770 inhabitants, unlike 49728 inhabitants according to the Census of 1991. of the year. In the 2001 census. year, 88.39% of the population declared themselves as Croats. The year 1979. the city of Dubrovnik joined the UNESCO list of world heritage sites. The prosperity of the city of Dubrovnik has always been based on maritime trade. In the middle ages, as the Republic of Ragusa, it became the only city-state on the eastern coast of the Adriatic City-State Republice. With his wealth and diplomacy, the city achieved a remarkable level of development, particularly during the 15. and 16. the century. Dubrovnik was one of the centres of the development of the Croatian language and literature, and have lived in it many important Croatian poets, playwrights, painters, mathematicians, physicists and other scholars.